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delegated powers

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delegatd powers

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Q: What power is the president chief diplomat derived from?
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Does congress have the power to appoint a commander in chief?

No Congress does not have the power to appoint the Commander in Chief. The Commander in Chief is the President and US citizens have the power to elect the President.

What kind of power do the president have on military?

he is the commander in chief

What power of the President is associated with the military?

He/She is the Commander in Chief

The executive power shall be vested in what?

The President is the chief executive officer.

What is a Chief of Executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

What is the name of the power that the president is associated with the military?


What is chief of executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

Who is the commender in the chief of military?

the commander in chief is the us president and is the highest military power in america.

What are the duties of a president?

In the United States, the elected position of vice president does not have allot of required duties. Two duties, however, are important. The vice president is the presiding official in the US Senate. And, should there be a tie in the votes in the Senate, the vice president must vote to break the tie. If by chance the US president dies or is disabled, the vice president fills that office. Full time if the president has died or serves until a disabled president can recover health to perform presidential duties.

Who was the 1st president to be the commander in chief of the US army?

The first president, George Washington was commander-in-chief, as are all presidents since this is a constitutional power.

What authority does the president have over the military?


Does the Chief Justice have any power over the Associate Justices?

No. The only exclusive power of the Chief Justice is to preside over the trial of an impeached President.