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The powers that are reserved for the state are powers not specifically outlined in the Constitution for the federal government. Such powers are conducting elections, regulate intrastate commerce, and establish local governments.

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Q: What powers are reserved for the state?
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Powers kept by the state governments?

Reserved powers, are the powers kept by the state Government.

What are the delegated-reserved and concurrent powers?

reserved powers are powers reserved to the state Delegated powers are powers reserved to the federal government and Concurrent powers are powers reserved to both state and federal government

Reserved powers are powers reserved who?

They are powers only for state governments.

What is the name of the powers that the Constitution limits to the state governments?

reserved poweres

What are some of the powers of state governmenthint-reserved powers?

What are some of the powers of state government?(hint- reserved powers)establish schools marriages

Are State Powers Reserved Powers?


What powers are give to the state?

Reserved Powers!

What powers are kept by state?

Reserved Powers

Powers not given to either the state or national government are called?

Reserved powers are powers denied to the national government. Reserved powers are also not denied to the states. These types of reserved powers are referred to as police power of the state.

What are powers held by the state governments called?

State powers are sometimes known as reserved powers as defined by the 10th amendment to the United States Constitution. They are the powers "not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or the people."States also have powers known as concurrent powers.Source: Wikipedia

What does the constitution say about reserved powers?

Reserved powers are given to the state. what is left is given to the citizen.

Which powers give a state the authority to create local government units including a public school system?

Reserved Powers give a state the authority to create local governmental units including a public school system.