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Each branch checks the power of the other branches to make sure that the power is balanced between them.

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Q: What powers do the 3 branches have and how do they check and balance each other?
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What term refers to the division of power between three branches of govertment?

The division is called 'seperation of powers'. It provides the branches with the ability to 'check and balance' the powers of each other, so no one branch has more power than the other.

Do the separation of powers provide some branches of government with complete control over the other branches?

No it does not, that is why there is a separation of powers this makes a balance and doesn't allow one to have more power than the other.

Why is it important to have a check and balance system?

So that the other branches won't have to much power than the other branches basically all of the branches are equal.

How did the founders provide for separation of power in the federal government?

The founding fathers provided for a separation of powers by making three branches of govt. that could check and balance each other.

How can branches of government check other branches?

They can do things that limits the two other branches' powers. For example, if a President vetoes a bill, Congress can override it if they gets a 2/3 vote.

What do the powers of oversight confirmation impeachment ratification override and amendment have in common?

they help congress check the powers of the other two branches

Why do you think the government has three branches?

The United States government has three branches because the Founding Fathers believed the branches would check and balance each other.

What principle of the Constitution allows Congress to override a presidential veto?

The principle is known as the balance of powers. Each of three branches of government has some capacity to correct what the other branches do.

Which branch of government holds the power of checks and balances over others?

The three branches were all set up in order that none got to much power, and that they all balance out.

What elevated the supreme court to a higher statue balancing the powers of the other branches?

The Judicial Review elevated the Supreme Court to a higher status, balancing the powers of the other branches. Judicial review is an example of check and balances in a modern governmental system.

What is the 3 branches of government answers?

The Excutive branch- the president. The legislative branch- congress. The judicial branch- Supreme court. All three belong to a system of checks and balances. They check on each other and balance each other out by limmiting the others powers.

Each branch oversees the other branches?

If you are referring to the "balance of powers" of the three branches of the US government - - each branch does not "oversee" the others, it refers to the fact that they all have separate powers that DEPEND upon one another. One cannot do something without the cooperation, knowledge, and/or approval of the other.