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Each house of Congress has the power which was established through the U.S. Constitution to judge the elections returns, and qualifications of its members. The Senate created its own practices for judging the qualifications of its members in contested elections. This practice began in 1789.

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Q: What powers does the senate have over the election and qualifications of its members?
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Decides on the qualifications of its members?

Both the Senate and the House.

How do members of the house differ from members of the senate?

in number, length of term, and required qualifications

What are qualifications to become a senate?

These are the basic qualifications as delineated in the Constitution: -- must be at least 30 years old -- must be a U.S. citizen for at least nine years at the time of election to the Senate -- must be a resident of the state one is elected to represent in the Senate

How often are 13 of the members of the senate up for re-election?

Six years

What house has only one third of the members of this house up for election during any national election year?


What government body has one third of its members up for re election every 2 years?

Senate :D Senate :D

What branch's powers are balanced because its members are appointed by the president and approved by the senate?


What power do senate have?

They have the powers of impeachment, treaties, appointments, war declarations, and expulsion of members.

What house has only one third of the members up for election during any national election?

The U.S. Senate. Senators serve six-year terms, and every two years, one-third of the Senate seats are up for election. This staggered election system allows for continuity of legislative representation.

What are 3 qualifications for Missouri senate?

US Citizen for 9 years as of date of election, at least 30 years old and money.

What is rotation of Senate?

Rotation of the Senate refers to the practice of only one-third of the Senate seats being up for election at any given time. This ensures that the Senate has continuity and stability, with Senators serving staggered terms. It also allows for a gradual turnover of members without completely replacing the entire Senate in one election.

What does it mean when the senate only has one-third of its members stand for election at a time?

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