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Q: What powers each state's budget?
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An example of a governor's judicial duties is creating a budget?

The governors, as chief executive of states have veto powers to oversee spending of monies and budgeting. Using veto powers, governors can influence spending priorities in the states.

States that have adopted an executive budget give their governors which two vital powers?

Power to prepare and carry out the state budget and authority to administer the funds to all state departments a+

What are powers held by the state governments called?

State powers are sometimes known as reserved powers as defined by the 10th amendment to the United States Constitution. They are the powers "not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or the people."States also have powers known as concurrent powers.Source: Wikipedia

What powers are set aside for the people or states?

Reserved powers are the powers set aside for the states or people.

What power did the constitution leave in hands of the state government?

All the powers the states didn't give to the Federal Government.The delegates to the Constitutional Convention specifically delegated powers to the federal government from each and the several states. The states retained all powers not delegated to the federal government. Any powers not retained by the states are retained by the people.

Who prepares a budget to submit to congress?

In the United States of America it is actually the Congress that "write" the Budget per the Constitution. They have created a Budget committee that put's the information together, but the House is responsible for creating the Budget each year.

What was the Production Budget for The Matrix Reloaded?

The Production Budget for The Matrix Reloaded was $127,000,000.

What powers between the states and federal governments ensures that both will cooperate with each other?


In assigning the powers of government the Constitution states?

lists the powers given to national government and the powers denied the states and leaves all other powers to the states

What were the powers vested in the congress?

they were able to give a budget to the military

What are the executive powers of the California governor?

1. appointment and removal 2.supervisory powers 3.budget-making 4.military powers

What executive powers do governors possess?

The executive powers that most governors' posses are Appointment and Removal, Supervisory Powers, Budget-Making Powers, and Military Powers.Hope this helps :)