What powers the airplane?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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What powers most airplanes are turboshaft engines as you see in all non- subsonic airliners. Other engines: Turboprop (propeller) Turbojet (Jet) Ramjet (Continuous Combustion Jet) Scramjet (Powered by high speed air at nearly MACH 2)

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Q: What powers the airplane?
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What does a fuselage do on an airplane?

it powers the engine

What is bigger jet or plane?

A jet is a type of engine that powers many aircraft and does not have anything to do with airplane size.

What would happen if someone refuses to turn off a lap top on a plane before flight?

They would be escorted from the plane. An airplane pilot has the same powers as a ship's captain. On the plane what he says goes. Disobey the pilot and you will be put off of the airplane.

When you wind a rubber band on a toy airplane which energy does the rubber band have?

When you wind a rubber band on a toy airplane, the rubber band stores potential energy. This potential energy is in the form of elastic potential energy, which is released when the rubber band unwinds and powers the toy airplane.

What was the name of the airplane in the movie Airplane?

The airplane in the movie Airplane is a Boeing 707

What is the front of an airplane called?

The front of an airplane is called nose of the airplane.

What do the elavators on an airplane do?

The elevator section of an airplane is located in the aft of the airplane, or on the little wings in the back section of the airplane. The elevators move the airplane on its vertical axis, thereby making the airplane climb or descend.

How much do the wings of an airplane weigh?

Airplane? What airplane? My paper airplane wings weigh less than 8 grams.

Which came first the parachute or the airplane?

the airplane was first because what would the parachute be needed before the airplane? Correct answer is airplane!(:

What is the possessive form of airplane?

The possessive form for the singular noun airplane is airplane's.

What is the standard airplane?

There is no standard airplane.

What do you call a regular airplane?

An Airplane =)