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Washington set an important precedent at the end of his second term.In 1796,he decided not to run for a third term

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Q: What precedent did Washington set at the beginning of his first term?
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Why was the precedent of two presidential terms set by Washington so important?

I am not sure how important it was since there were not really very many presidents who would have served a third term even without Washington's precedent. Maybe Jefferson, Madison, Monroe or Theodore Roosevelt would have considered a third term had the precedent not been set against it. Jackson and Wilson might have if they were healthier when their second terms ended.

What precedent was an important precedent set by president George Washington?

One of the things he did was to set the term of office for the president. He could have stayed in office as long as he wanted, but he felt that an person should serve for a short time and then retire.

What does the phrase ''Washington would set a precedent mean?

This is a hard question to answer because it's pretty vague. It would be helpful to have some context. But here's some help for you: To "set a precedent" means to do something that other people will be likely to follow when they are faced with similar situations in years to come. So, for example, when the Supreme Court ruled that states couldn't outlaw abortion (Roe v Wade, 1973) they set a precedent and other courts have tended to follow that precedent. If your question refers to George Washington, I'd guess the precedent he set was to not run for reelection to a third term as president. When he did that, he set a precedent and presidents after him followed that precedent because it had been set down by Washington, who was, of course, a hero. No president ran for a third term until Franklin D. Roosevelt did in 1940. I hope this helps.

What president set the two term precedent?

It is not possible to answer this question without knowing what precedent you are referring to, since many presidents throughout history set particular precedents that still influence us today.

Which president refused to serve more than two terms?

George Washington, the first US president, set a non-binding precedent that was followed from 1787 to 1940. Washington was the first to refuse a third term, thereby accepting a precedent that was followed by all until FDR broke it, although Grant let it be known that he would accept a draft for a third term and Wilson hinted that he might go for a third term before he had his stroke. Teddy Roosevelt left after his first 7 years as President (1901-1909), but regretted it. In 1912, he ran for president again in his newly formed Bull Moose party, against his fellow Republican and successor, William Howard Taft.

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What precedent did Washington set during his first term?

george washington said that u should read yourself

Who served as the first President of the US and set the two-term precedent?

George Washington was the man.

Who served as the first president of the US and set the two term precedent?

George Washington was the man.

Precedent set by the first President of the US George Washington?

A major precedent was to serve only two terms as President. Washington could have run for a third term, but chose to step down instead.

What was the first presidential precedent set by George Washington?

One of the first presidential precedents set by George Washington was the two-term limit. Despite being popular enough to be elected for a third term, Washington voluntarily stepped down after serving two terms, setting a precedent that subsequent presidents followed until it became an established rule with the 22nd Amendment in 1951.

What was a long lasting precedent set by Washington?

George Washington set the 2-term limit.

Who was the first US president to be elected to a second term?

George Washington was the first president to be elected twice. In fact, Washington had to decline to serve a third term and thereby established the precedent against remaining in office for more than two terms.

What president set the precedent for two terms in the office?

George Washington set this precedent when he refused to run for a third term despite encouragement from many to do so.

What precedent did Washington set?

Washington refused to consider a third term and gave his reasons and so set a precedent for a Two-term presidency that was followed until 1940.

What precedent did George Washington set future president?

Two-Term Limit As President.

What was important precedent set by George Washington during his term in office?

He formed a cabinet approved by the Senate.

What was one important precedent by George Washington during his term in office?

He formed a cabinet approved by the Senate.