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No US President has had a last name that ended in X; however, in 1920 James Cox ran as the Democratic candidate against Warren Harding. Harding's victory in that election remains the largest percentage margin of victory ever.

The presidents were

* d Grover Cleveland * d Grover Cleveland * d Gerald Ford * d James A. Garfield * e Calvin Coolidge * e Millard Fillmore * e James Monroe * e Franklin Pierce * g Warren G. Harding * h George Bush * h George W. Bush * k James K. Polk * n James Buchanan * n Bill Clinton * n William Henry Harrison * n Benjamin Harrison * n Thomas Jefferson * n Andrew Jackson * n Andrew Johnson * n Lyndon B. Johnson * n Abraham Lincoln * n James Madison * n Richard Nixon * n Ronald Reagan * n Harry S Truman * n Martin Van Buren * n George Washington * n Woodrow Wilson * r Chester A. Arthur * r Jimmy Carter * r Dwight D. Eisenhower * r Herbert Hoover * r John Tyler * r Zachary Taylor * s John Adams * s John Quincy Adams * s Rutherford B. Hayes * t Ulysses S. Grant * t Theodore Roosevelt * t Franklin D. Roosevelt * t William Howard Taft * y John F. Kennedy * y William McKinley

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Q: What president's last name ends with letter Y?
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President Nixon

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James Buchanan, George Bush and George W. Bush were the U.S. Presidents with a last name that begins with the letter B. The U.S. Presidents with a first name that begins with the letter B are Barrack Obama and Benjamin Harrison.

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James Earl Carter, Grover Cleveland, William Clinton and Calvin Coolidge were U.S. Presidents. Their last name begins with the letter C.

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Christopher Columbus has both

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Two presidents: James Madison and James Monroe.

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Washington Wilson Eisenhower Nixon Clinton

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James Buchanan is who you're talking about.

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There have been no U.S. Presidents whose last name started with S.

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