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Q: What president had only one year of education and taught himself how to read and write and became a lawyer?
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How old was Jefferson when he became a lawyer and the president?

25 when he became a lawyer, 57 when he became president

What is Abraham's occupation?

He was a lawyer, and then became President.

What is Abraham Lincoln occupation?

Abraham Lincoln is a/an Politician,lawyer

How old Was Abraham Lincoln when he was a lawyer?

He was 27 when he passed the bar and became a lawyer. He practiced law from then until he was 51 and became President.

How old was Abraham Lincoln when became a lawyer?

he stopped being a lawyer in 2009

Was Chester Arthur a lawyer before he became president?


What was Abraham Lincoln's profession while he became president?

Lincoln was a successful lawyer in the years just before he became President.

What did president Abraham Lincoln start his professional as?

He self-taught himself education which eventually enabled him to serve as a Lawyer In Frontier Illinois in the 1830's and 40's.

How can you tell that education was important to Thomas Jefferson?

its important to him because he became a lawyer.

What job did James Polk have?

He was a lawyer before he became President of the US.

What can be said about the qualifications of Abraham Lincoln to be the US President?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who became a state legislator, then a Congressman before he became President.

The president taught himself to read and write. he was a terrific lawyer and the first president to have a beard?

Abe Lincoln