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Q: What president had the nickname the weasel?
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Nickname of president Wilson's term?

President Woodrow Wilson actually had a few nicknames. At various times he was called The Professor, The Phrase-maker, and the Coiner of Weasel Words. Another nickname attributed to Wilson was Schoolmaster in Politics.

What was Val Kilmer's Ray Levoi's Indian nickname?

Little weasel

Is a weasel and the polecat the same thing?

Yes,it is.I've done research and polecat is a nickname for weasels.

When this president was a child his nickname was bubba?

"Bubba" was the nickname for President Bill Clinton.

Which president had the nickname happy warrior?

It was a Vice President, rather than a President, who had the nickname The Happy Warrior. The nickname belonged to Hubert Humphrey, the 38th Vice President of the United States.

What president's nickname was giant killer?

I can find no record that any US President had this nickname.

Why is nick jonas's nickname is the president?

His nickname is Mr President becuz he is like the boss I think.

Which president was called Old Buck?

James Buchanan ,15th President , was "old buck"- a natural nickname for Buchanan.

President of united stated had a nickname?

Nickname : Mr Prez

What was president Tyler's nickname?

"Accidental President" or "His Accidency

Who is Ike?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's nickname was Ike.

What is the nickname of the US Marine Corps band?

"The President's Own" is their nickname.