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Bush Jr.

Obama will probably outstrip him eventually

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Q: What president has added the most money to the deficit?
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Who makes the most money in the US besides the president?

The president doesn't make money.

Which president made the most money while in office?

President Obama

Who president added the most land to the US?

The Louisiana Purchase.

What president earns the most money?

Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. He earns most of his money from tourism. He is known to be the longest president to stay in his presidential seat. Quite simply, he hogs all the money possible from his country.

What qualifications follow most candidates for president?

Lots of money

How much debt did President Obama receive when he became president in 2008?

When President Obama was about to take office, the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion. He inherited the debt from two wars, the Bush tax cuts, and a prescription drug benefit-- none of which had been paid for. President Bush himself had submitted a budget in 2008 in which he predicted that in 2009 there would be a budget deficit of $407 billion; it turned out the deficit was larger: $1.4 trillion. So that is what the new president had to deal with in his first year in office. It should also be noted that President Obama's stimulus package added to the deficit, but many economists believed it was necessary in order to keep the economy from falling into a recession. There are still conservatives in congress who disagreed with the stimulus and believed that cutting spending was the most important thing, rather than trying to jump-start the economy. It is an ongoing debate even four years later.

What president spent the most money overseas?

George W Bush

Who makes the most money in the US government?

President of the United States

What president borrowed the most money while in office?

george bush

How does the government fund a budget deficit?

The government can fund a budget deficit through borrowing money by issuing bonds, treasury bills, or other debt securities. It can also raise funds through increasing taxes or cutting spending in other areas to offset the deficit.

What degree makes the most money in the US?

Its not the degree that makes the most money, but the individual who possesses the degree. OR A degree in Law and run for president

What president added the most land area to the United states?

Thomas Jefferson, with the Louisiana Purchase.