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Q: What president has the largest inauguration parade?
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Who is in the Inauguration Parade?

The President!

What are the release dates for Inauguration of President Roosevelt the Grand Inaugural Parade - 1905?

Inauguration of President Roosevelt the Grand Inaugural Parade - 1905 was released on: USA: March 1905

Which president inauguration parade was the longest?

William Henry Harrison

Did President Bush get out of Limo and walk the inauguration parade?

President Bush did get out of the limo and walk the inaugural parade. The parade took place on January 20, 2001.

Does 2nd term president win have an inauguration parade?

Yes. Inauguration events are usually pretty much the same for the second inauguration as for the first.

Who had a pt boat in there inauguration parade?

President Kennedy. His former crewmen made it for him.

What is the purpose of the Inagural Parade?

The purpose of the Inaugural Parade is to celebrate the inauguration of a new President. The most recent Inaugural Parade was Monday, January 21, 2013, when President Barack Obama was made President of the United States.

What Ceremonial events that usually occur when a new president takes office?

inauguration where they take oath of office, parade, speeches, balls, luncheon

When were women first allowed to participate in the inaugural parade?

Woodrow Wilson's second inauguration in 1917 was the first in which women marched in the inaugural parade. (This was also the first time the first lady accompanied the president to and frorm the capitol.)

What activities take place after the inauguration address?

There is a parade and an inauguration ball.

How long did the 2009 inauguration parade last?

the inauguration parade lasted a little bit over an hour or so. maybe about an hour and a half.

Do you need tickets for the inauguration parade?