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President Harding was buried in Marion, OH. His body lays with his wife in the Harding Memorial. Harding died on August 2, 1923 at 7:35 p.m. talking to his wife. It was a very suddent death. He was the 29th president of these United States.

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Bob, Fred, Jacob, Benjamen, and Lucas

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Q: What president of the US is buried in Ohio?
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Who is the president buried in Ohio?

Garfield, Harrison, Hayes, McKinley, Harding

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William Henry Harrison who was living in Ohio when he ran for President and who is buried in Ohio, was born in Virginia.

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I do not know of any US President that was buried in such a way.

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Abraham Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois.

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Rutherford Bircham Hayes was the 19th US President and the 29th and 32nd Governor of Ohio.

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Is Princess ILeana buried in the Us or was her body repatriated to Romania on her death she died at an Orthodox convent in Ohio?

Buried in USA.

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No US president is buried under the rotunda of the US capitol. Some of the presidents, such as McKinley and Grant, have elaborate tombs which have rotundas and they are buried under them.

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