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President Hoover.

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Q: What president took office and left many Americans jobless?
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What is an ex-president?

An ex-president is a former president - a president who has left office.

What happened when EisonHower left office?

After Eisenhower left office, John Kennedy became president.

Who became president after Jackson left office?

Martin Van Buren who was VP under Jackson became the next president when Jackson left office.

Which president was the oldest when he left office?

Ronald Reagan was the oldest President ever when he left office. He was just 17 days away from his 78th birthday.

When did president regan leave office?

The greatest President of modern times left office January 20, 1989

When did Egypt have independence?

when the president confessed and left office

Did The Depression left many business executives jobless?


How many people was left jobless in 1873?

73,600,and this dick

Which president was 77 when he left office?

Ronald Reagan was the one . He was the oldest serving President at that time.

What did Dwight Eisenhower do when he left office?

He became President of the United States.

When President Bush left office what were the gas prices?

4 dollars

Why did president Wilson leave office?

All that is known of the reasons for President Woodrow Wilson to have left office was because he did not choose to seek re-election.