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No president was born in Michigan. But Gerald Ford. who was born in Nebraska, lived in Michigan most of his life and is buried there. His step father was from Grand Rapids MI and "adopted" him when he married his mother. Ford is the only president with a Michigan connection.

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martin van buern

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Q: What president was born in Michigan?
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How many presidents were born in Michigan?

Gerald Ford was the only president with ties to Michigan.

What us presidents were born in michigan?

No US Presidents were born in Michigan. Gerald Ford, lived there most of his life, from age two and was a Michigan Congressman for some 24 years, and is buried in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When was Gerald Ford from Michigan born?

The former US President Gerald Ford was born in Nebraska.

Which president was born in Omaha Nebraska?

I looked this up and my sources say it was the 38th president Gerald R. Ford.

Who was the first president of the university of Michigan?

wwhat president was an all-American center for the university of Michigan

President Theodore Roosevelt and President William Clinton Michigan and spoke at the same place can you name it?

Wyandotte, Michigan

In what state was US President Gerald Ford born in?

Ford was a US Congressman from Michigan and lived there most of his adult life. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

When is President Obama coming to Michigan?

President Barack Obama will be coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 1, 2010.

Was mitt Romney born in Michigan?

Yes, he was born in Michigan, Detroit, Michigan.

Who was the President of Michigan in 1837?

President Andrew Jackson was the US President at the start of 1837 when Michigan was still the Michigan Territory. The state of Michigan was split off and became the 26th state on January 26, with the remaining territory renamed the Wisconsin territory. On March 4, Martin Van Burenbecame the 8th President of the United States.

What President graduated from the university of Michigan?

Gerald Ford attended the University of Michigan.

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she was born in Detroit ,Michigan