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Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinoton were impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, but acqitted by the Senate.

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Q: What president was convicted of impeachment in the 1900s?
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Was president Johnson convicted during his impeachment trial move from official?

No- Johnson was not convicted of the impeachment charges and so stayed in office to finish out his term.

What branch of government is responsible for the executive branch after impeachment?

If you mean after the impeachment of the President, the answer is "The Executive" branch. The are two stages of "impeachment". The first is "impeachment", whereby the House of Representatives, by 2/3 majority, calls on the president to be tried before the Senate. The senate then tries the president. The President heads the executive branch. If he is impeached, and convicted by the Senate, he is immediately removed from office and the Vice President assumes presidential powers. If the President is impeached, but not convicted, he is not removed from office and continues as President.

How many presidents been convicted in the Senate after having been impeached?

No president has been convicted. Two were tried but both were acquitted of the impeachment charges.

What are causes for impeachment and conviction of a president?

There are three reasons a President may be impeached and convicted. These are treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

When did Andrew Johnson become the first president to be impeached?

Congress passed a bill of impeachment in February , 1868. He was not convicted.

Would the vice president become president for the remainder of the term if the current president was impeached?

That is correct. If the president were convicted in an impeachment trial, the Vice President would take the office of Presdident.

What US body can convict the President?

If you are talking about impeachment, the Senate tries the president and can convict him of impeachment charges passed by the House. If the president actually committed a crime, he could be indicted, tried and convicted by the court system like any other citizen.

How is impeachment different from being convicted of a crime?

Impeachment is when a president is taken to court, but if they win the case, or the senate doesn't get a majority vote to convict him, he won't be removed from office. Conviction is removal, and impeachment is accusation.

What did the impeachment of Clinton result in?

President Clinton was impeached (accused) of crimes in office, but when the impeachment documents were considered by the Senate, Clinton was not convicted, so remained in office.

What can get get you removed from the oval office?

That would be an impeachment (accusation) by the House of Representatives, and a conviction by the Senate. The reason for impeachment is generally due to a crime committed by the President. No President has ever been convicted and "removed from the oval office", though several have been impeached, the most recent being President Clinton.

What must the vote be to impeach?

To "impeach" or accuse a US President, only a simple majority is required in the House of Representatives. To be "convicted" at trial in the Senate requires a two-thirds vote of that body.

Can the president be remove from office?

The president can be removed from office through a process informally called impeachment. . Actually impeachment by the House is only the first step. The house passes a bill of impeachment , giving the charges against the president. The Senate is then required to hold a trial based on these charges and make a verdict. Andrew Johnson and Clinton were both impeached but neither was convicted. Nixon resigned when faced with charges that were almost certain to lead to impeachment.