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This man was elected vice president in 1881. Shortly after the election, the president was and later died from the gunshot wound.

This man served as president from 1881 to 1885. He was also nicknamed

"Elegant Arthur".This president was Grover Cleveland.

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Chester A. Arthur. From the website:Arthur's nicknames - "the Gentleman Boss," "the Elegant Arthur," - indicate the figure he cut. Over 6 feet tall, stoutly built according to the specifications of the times, with a wavy moustache and bushy sidewhiskers, he dressed in fine, fashionable clothing. He was exquisitely urbane, dining well, drinking the best wines and brandies, and entertaining on a grand scale. None of this was extraordinary in middle-class New York City, but it made for a stunning contrast to the conservatively clothed and morally straitlaced Midwestern Republican politicians among whom he moved in Washington.

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Q: What president was nicknamed Elegant Arthur because of his fashion sense?
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