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William Henry Harrison.

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Q: What president won fame for his victory at tippecanoe river?
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What president won fame for his victory at the tippecanoe river?

William Henry Harrison "Tippecanoe and Tyler too!":D

The campaighn slogan was tippecanoe and tyler too he died while in office which president was it?

"Tippecanoe" was William Henry Harrison. He won some fame at the Battle of Tippecanoe.

What was the meaning of Tippicanoe and Tyler too?

Tippecanoe was the nickname of William Henry Harrison. He received the nickname after a battle against native Americans near the Tippecanoe River when he was Governor of the Indiana Territory. His running mate in the 1840 presidential election was John Tyler.

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What was William Henry Harrison's claim to fame as a US president?

Harrison was the first president to die in office.He was the president who served for the shortest time: just one month.He made the longest inauguration address.His campaign slogan, "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too," was long-remembered.He was the first Whig president.He and his vice-president, John Tyler, grew up only about a mile apart in Virginia.

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