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Garfield 1880, Cleveland 1884, Wilson 1912, Kennedy 1960, Carter 1976, GW Bush 2000 and 2004.

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Q: What presidential candidates lost California but won the election?
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In 1876 and 1888 presidential candidates won the popular vote?

But still lost the election. Your welcome.

Who was the losing presidential candidates in the 1950?

There was not a Presidenatal election in 1950. In 1948 Tom Dewey lost to Harry Truman. In 1952 Adlai Stevenson lost to Ike.

Who lost the 1984 presidential election?


What was the first presidential election to have a republican presidential candidate?

The first Republican Party Presidential Nominee was John C. Frémont of California, who lost to Democrat James Buchanan in 1856.

Who lost the 1932 presidential election to roosevelt?


Who lost the presidential election in 1920?

James M.Cox

Who lost the election to James Polk?

In the 1844 presidential election, Henry Clay lost to James K. Polk.

Who lost the presidential election in 1936?

Alf Landon (R)

Jefferson lost the 1796 presidential election to who?

John Adams

Lost the Presidential election to Thomas Jefferson?

Charles Pinckney in the 1804 Presidential election when Thomas Jefferson was re elected.

When did Richard Nixon lose the presidential election?

Nixon lost in 1960.

Which was true of the demcratic party in the 1920s?

It lost every presidential election.