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This is a classic "trick riddle". All dead U.S. presidents are, thus far, buried on U.S. soil... therefore the only answer is a list of all present and former U.S. presidents who are currently alive, and consequently not buried in any soil.

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Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. And if you take the word "buried" in it's literal sense there are several who are not buried. George Washington and both of the Adam's for example.

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  1. Andrew Jackson (born in SC, buried in TN)
  2. W H. Harrison (born in VA, buried in OH)
  3. James Polk (born in NC, buried in TN)
  4. Zachary Taylor (born in VA , buried in KY)
  5. Abraham Lincoln (born in KY, buried in IL)
  6. Andrew Johnson (born in NC , buried in TN)
  7. Ulysses Grant (born in OH , buried in NY)
  8. William Howard Taft (born in OH, buried in VA)
  9. Woodrow Wilson (born in VA , buried in DC)
  10. Dwight Eisenhower (born in TX, buried in KS)
  11. John Kennedy (born in MA, buried in VA)
  12. Ronald Reagan (born in IL, buried in CA)

James Monroe was buried in New York for 27 years in his daughter's husband's family tomb and then had his remains moved back to his home state of Virginia.

I believe both Bushes, both born in CT, intend to be buried in TX.

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As of 2010, five:

James Earl Carter

George Herbert Walker Bush

William Jefferson Clinton

George Walker Bush

Barack Hussein Obama

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all five still alive except the one who just died a cuople months ago

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Q: What presidents are not buried in the state they were born in?
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How many presidents are buried in Georgia?

As of May 2014, none of the Presidents of the United States are buried in Georgia. There state where most of the Presidents are buried is Virginia, with seven.

How many presidents lived or are buried in the same state as a James Polk?

Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson are the other two presidents who lived and are buried in Tennessee along with Polk.

How many presidents lived or are buried in the same State as James Polk?

Three. Polk is buried in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to him, Jackson and Andrew Johnson also lived in that state.At the State Capitol Grounds in Nashville, Tennessee.

What state was called mother of presidents?

It is Virginia bcus 8 presidents wer born in that state :)

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What presidents are buried in Vermont?

No U. S. President represented Vermont at the time he was elected, but two Presidents were born there: Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge.

How many presidents have come to State of Virginia?

All U.S. Presidents that died have been buried in U.S. soil. As of 2017, the total number of deceased U.S. Presidents is 39.

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How many presidents are buried in the state of NY?

Six presidents are buried in New York state. They are Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Ulysses Grant, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt. James Monroe died in New York and was buried there in the family vault of his son-in-law for about 20 years before his body was shipped back to Virginia.

What US Presidents were born in Arlington?

None of the US Presidents were born in Arlington, Virginia. However, there are two that are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.

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