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John Adams, John Qunicy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush

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A lot of them.

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Q: What presidents did not win reelection?
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What 4 presidents after year 1900 did not win reelection?

Presidents who ran for reelection and lost after the year 1900 were William H. Taft (1912), Herbert Hoover (1932), Jimmy Carter (1980), and George Bush Sr. (1992). Gerald R. Ford ran and lost in 1976, but he was never technically elected in the first place.

What is the number of years a president from Mexico can?

Six years; presidents are non-eligible for reelection.

Who was the first woman to win governor in the reelection in 1932?

Ma, Ferguson

What was one reason for presidents McKinney's reelection in 1990?

McKinney wasn't elected in 1990. He was dead by 1990.

Who win the presidents?


Which presidents were liked by the voters after he took office?

Most of the Presidents who were relected, were popular with the voters 4 years after they were elected to their first term. A few reelected Presidents, such as LBJ in 1968 and RM Nixon in 1974, lost their popularity after reelection.

Why are 2 or 3 vice presidents listed under some U.S. Presidents terms?

Some Presidents had more than one Vice-President. Reasons include the death of a VP, or taking a new running-mate when running for reelection.

Common tactics of winning reelection include all what except?

There are several tactics that are used to win reelection. Changing one's political party is not a common tactic of winning reelections.

What percent of teams that win the Presidents cup win the Stanley cup?

It's The Presidents trophy and it's just over 30%

Was Bill Clinton the first US democratic president to win reelection since whom?

Franklin Roosevelt

What percentage on incumbent presidents have won reelection?

Only 15 or 42 US presidents have won at least two consecutive terms. This gives about 36%. About 70 percent of those who have served as president since 1825 (or 26 of 37 men) failed to win the election for two consecutive terms. This is either because they died, didn't run again, or lost their party or national election. In the US, of the 42 presidents before Obama, only 15 won reelection. 12 didn't run again (because of death, etc.), 18 lost in either their bid for party nomination or in a national election.

How did the union victories in the south affect the election of 1864?

The victories boosted Lincoln's popularity, helping him win reelection.