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The President who lived in Hyde park was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hyde Park is located in New York.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Q: What presidents home is located in Hyde Park?
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FDR home located on the Hudson river in New York state?

hyde park

What was Hyde Park used for in World War 2?

The original answer supplied was "Hyde Park was the home of FDR and where he went when not in the White House". My addition- The person asking the question means Hyde Park in London. Not the home of FDR.

Where is Franklin Delano Roosevelt's birth place?

Hyde Park, NY is the location of the Roosevelt mansion. I don't think it has a special name. People just call it Hyde Park.

What state was franklin roosevelt from?

Hyde Park, New York was FDR's home.

What does Barack Obama own?

Barack Obama owns a home in Hyde Park and recently he bought a home in Washington, DC.

Where did Eleanor Roosevelt go to born her first baby?

in Hyde Park,Franklin Roosevelt's special home

What presidents home is located in Wheatland?

Wheatland, President James Buchanan's home, is located in Lancaster PA.

Did Franklin Roosevelt have a home in Tennessee?

No. His ancestral home was at Hyde Park, NY and his vacation home was at Warm Springs, GA. His wife had a summer home on Campbello island.

Where did Barack Obama and Michelle Obama live before the White House?

They lived in Chicago near the Museum of Science and Industry.

Where did Winston Churchill die?

At his home in Hyde Park Gate, London, England.

Which president served hot dogs to the king and queen of England?

Franklin Roosevelt had a picnic for the king and queen at his home in Hyde Park, NY. and hot dogs were on the menu. He had previously entertained them in royal fashion at the White House in Washington.

Where did Franklin D. Roosevelt live?

The traditional home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Hyde Park New York, located in Duchess County between New York City and Albany on the banks of the Hudson River. The estate today is a museum housing many items of historical interest from both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and FDR's mother, Sarah Delano