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Q: What presidents time in office called?
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Presidents office is called?

The President's office is called the Oval Office.

When were the least presidents alive at one time?

When Washington was in office since there were no ex presidents.

What city is the office of presidents in?

The office of the president is called the white house it is located in Washington dc

Do presidents live in the white house all the time in office?


What is another word for a presidents term in office?

"time" or "time period" in office is the simple replacement. "tenure" in office might be what you want. His time in office is also referred to as his "administration" .

What two presidents were in office at the same time?

Ronald Reagan and George Bush

How many years total the amount of all 43 us presidents?

222 years ( and about 5 months) is the total time in office for the 43 presidents. The first president took office in April of 1789 and the government has been in continuous operation with a President in office ever since that time ,

Who were the two presidents sworn into office in philadelphia?

George Washington was the second time, and John Adams.

When has there been two presidents in office on American soil at the same time?

during the civil war

What office drafts the presidents version of the federal budget?

White House Office of Management and Budget is the office that sends the presidents budget to Congress.

What room is the presidents office located in?

The Oval Office

How many presidents in office?