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none have been born in Delaware

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none have been born in Delaware

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Q: What presidents were born in Delaware?
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What US president was born in Delaware?

There were no US Presidents born in the state of Delaware. The 19th President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio.No US Pesident was born in Delaware.No.

How many presidents were from delaware?

No US presidents were from the state of Delaware.Rutherford Hayes, the 19th President was born in the town of Delaware, Ohio.Joe Biden, the current vice-president is a former senator from Delaware.

Are any vice presidents from Delaware?

There has been one U. S. Vice President from Delaware to date:Joe Biden

Who are vice presidents from Delaware?

According to Wiki-pedia - "When inaugurated, he will be the first United States Vice President from Delaware and the first Roman Catholic to attain that office."

When was John Delaware Lewis born?

John Delaware Lewis was born in 1828.

When was Archibald Alexander - Delaware - born?

Archibald Alexander - Delaware - was born in 1755.

When was John Fisher - Delaware - born?

John Fisher - Delaware - was born in 1771.

How can Rutherford B. Hayes be born in both Delaware and Ohio?

He was born in the city of Delaware, Ohio!

When was Delaware born?

Dick Delaware was born on November 12, 1974, in Huntington Beach, California, USA.

Where there any presidents born in ME?

No presidents were born in Maine. VP Hannibal Hamlin was from Maine.

When was James Williams - Delaware representative - born?

James Williams - Delaware representative - was born on 1825-08-04.

When was John Grubb - Delaware settler - born?

John Grubb - Delaware settler - was born on 1652-08-15.