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Separation of duties

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Q: What principle stipulates no one individual should have complete control over a transaction?
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How do you put transaction in a sentence?

He went to the bank that morning to complete the business transaction.

When Is a real estate transaction complete at closing or at funding?

In MO & KS the transaction must be funded before it is complete. It is also a wise idea to verify it has been recorded in the county correctly to ensure the disposition of the transaction.

What is Transaction PIN?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. This is a secret number that is required to complete/confirm a transaction.

What do the Illegal Transaction Records do?

illegal transaction records are needed to complete jobs in the underboss job tier in New York. you will at least need about 490 illegal transaction records.

Which principle Revenue is recorded only when the earnings process is complete?

Revenue recognition principle

What is the complete stock market transaction that includes both a sale and a purchase called?


What is a sentence for the word pending?

awaiting conclusion or confirmation; "The transaction isn't complete: its still pending".

What classes and test must an individual complete to apply to Harvard university?

what classes and test must an individual complete to apply to this school?

What is involved with making a payment through Paypal?

The amount of involvement needed to make a transaction though PayPal is extremely minimal. After signing in to PayPal, simply proceed to the transaction confirmation page, and complete the transaction. All of the monetary transfer information is handled by PayPal on the back-end.

What is the name of the fundamental principle whereby elected officials must obey the laws?

The principle is "The Rule of Law" where no elected position has complete immunity or impunity.

What do you call an individual with complete power?

a dictator

Should double entry accounting entries be equal?

In Double entry accounting system both the debit part as well as credit part of transaction should be equal otherwise accounting transaction is not complete properly.