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The British.

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Q: What problems did the middle colonies face?
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What challenges did the middle colonies face?

The hardships were sert.

Which region was known as the breadbasket colonies?

The Middle Colonies: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware.

Why did people start thinking about revolution in the middle colonies?

Well it really depends what stage in the middle colonies. Are we talking about slavery?Or Bankrupt problems?Claiming property? Abraham Lincoln days?

What is the slogan for the middle colonies?

The middle colonies are in the middle of awesomeness!

Were the middle colonies royal colonies?

Yes, the middle colonies are proprietary colonies.

What were the middle colonies know for?

The middle colonies were known for being in the middle

Who settled the middle colonies-?

German immigrants settled the middle colonies.

How did religion shape society in the middle colonies?

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What common problems did the French Dutch and Swedish colonies face?

your mom, west students dont use the internet

What were diseases in the middle colonies?

The middle colonies had diseases

What are the Three regions of colonies?

the new England colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies

What was the main seaport of the middle colonies?

the main harbor and seaport of the middle colonies is all the places in the middle colonies.