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rain, flooding ,farmloss, any ways they cause disaster................ :D

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Flooding , wind damage,

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Q: What problems do monsoons cause?
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How can the unusual monsoons lead to problems for India and southeast Asia?

The monsoons can cause flooding and landslides, but if there is too little rain, it can cause droughts.

What are the effects of monsoons?

Monsoons can cause flooding.

How are summer monsoons and winter monsoons alike?

They are both seasonal winds. Winter monsoons cause dry winter while summer monsoons cause wet summer.

What tragic problems does Bangladesh encounter because off monsoons?

Flooding is what Bangladesh ncounters because of monsoons.

What is winter monsoons?

Winter monsoons are periods of heavy rainfall in winter that can cause floods.

What can monsoons cause?

the problem it can cause is destroying houses, wind damage and flooding

What tragic problems does Bangladesh have because of monsoons?

Flood, Storm, Drought

What is accurate about monsoons in Southeast Asia?

Rice farming responds well to heavy monsoons. Monsoons are generally good for India. Landslides and floods can occur on a large scale during monsoons.

What makes monsoons dangerous?

Monsoons are dangerous because they cause severe storms and floods which may lead to the loss of homes, and some buildings.

Which of the statements about monsoons are correct?

Heavy monsoons increase agricultural output A weak monsoon season can lead to drought and starvation Monsoons can cause devastating landslides and floods APEX 6.5.2 Test :)

What cause monsoons?

A sudden change of direction of a wind, generally the exact opposite way.

How do you think monsoons affected settlement in India?

Monsoons bring much needed rain that farmers require for their crops in a hot climate. When monsoon come either too early or late in a season, this can affect the agriculture of India. Although providing water is a benefit of monsoons, they also can be detrimental when severe monsoons do massive damage to land and cause death.