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Q: What process does the legislative branch go through?
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What branch does Representative go to?

Members of the Legislative Branch.

Who from the legislative branch goes to the inauguration?

all of the people from the legislative branch go such as the vice president

How are decisions made in Brazil?

most of the time they go through the executive or legislative branch, depending on the decision

What are the powers that the legislative branch cannot do?

any branch of the government is empowered by the people. they can not go a do a crime

To which branch of government does the House of Representatives belong?

It belongs to the Legislative Branch !!!

How can the legislative branch check the judicial branch?

The Judicial Branch can veto bills passed by Congress, if they go against the Constitution.

What are the three braches of the government?

LEJ(legislative, Executive, Judicial) For more info go to

What branch has the right to impeach the president?

The legislative branch has the right to impeach high ranking officials. Including Federal officers, military generals. But normally for someone to be impeached they must go through a trial, which would be held by the judicial branch. (Court)

One power the executive branch has over the legislative branch?

One power the Executive Branch has over the Legislative branch is the power to VETO any of the Legislation's Bills. The Legislative Branch can still pass the bill to make it law, but it must go back through to be passed again by the House & Senate (I believe twice) before the Executive Branch's VETO power is null and void.

What does one house legislature mean?

One house legislature means that the legislative branch of that state or local government is unicameral. Instead of having a House of Representatives and a Senate to go through to pass bills, a unicameral legislative branch only has one house to go through to pass a bill. Nebraska is the only state that has a unicameral state legislator. In this case, the one house in Nebraska is the Senate.

How can the judicial branches check the legislative branch?

The Judicial Branch can veto bills passed by Congress, if they go against the Constitution.

Explain the difference between a bicameral and a unicameral legislative body?

Bicameral legislative body: has two branches or chambers Unicameral legislative body: has a single legislative branch/chamber