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the cane?

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Q: What punishments were at croston old school?
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Was Croston Old School A Dame School?


What is the population of Croston?

Croston's population is 2,679.

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Dave Croston was born on 1963-11-10.

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James Croston has written: 'A history of the ancient hall of Samlesbury in Lancashire' 'Nooks and corners of Lancashire and Cheshire'

School Punishments in the 1900's?

School punishments in the 1900's included: The Cane The Paddle The One Legged Stool

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Sir Richard De Croston Stone Born : 1540 Died : 1605 Married : Esabelle Girdler Born : 1552 Died : 1610

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How do you get your 4 year old potty trained?

Punishments and rewards

What were school punishments like in the 20th century?

It depends which part of the century and in which country.

What are the methods used by family and the school to command acceptable behavior?

These methods are often called punishments.

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after school or Saturday detention

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