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Native Americans

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Q: What race of people are associated with moccasins?
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What race of people originally wore moccasins?

Cheyenne Indian men wore moccasins.(indian men)

Did native people wer shoe?


Do moccasins hybernate?

No, moccasins are not animals. Moccasins are shoes!

What race of people are accosiated with moccasions?

Assuming you meant moccasins, that would be most indigenous tribes, whether it be Native Americans or Inuit. This footwear would have ranged from seal skin to deer hide, depending on the area.

What are moccasins?

Moccasins are little shoes, originally made from deer skin and worn by the Native Americans. Now, people use moccasins for slippers, and can be bought at you local shoe store. Of course, they are made from artificial deer skin now.

Is hawaiin a race?

Hawaiian is not a race, but rather an ethnic group or culture primarily associated with the indigenous people of Hawaii. The Hawaiian people are of Polynesian descent and have their own unique language, customs, and traditions.

What is Something you can wear starting with the letter 'm'?

People wear mittens, moccasins, a mask, makeup, mini skirt, mock turtleneck and muffler. They begin with the letter m.

Where can I find some pink moccasins for sale?

Moccasins are definitely out of style and can usually be found for sale at stores such as Hot Topic and Forever 21 for the want-to-be fashion people of the world.

What race does the gasing belong to?

The gasing is a traditional spinning top game popular in Malaysia, particularly among the Malay community. It is not associated with a specific race, as it is enjoyed by people of various backgrounds in the country.

Is French a race?

No, French is not a race. It is a nationality and language primarily associated with the country of France. Race refers to a social construct that categorizes people based on physical characteristics such as skin color, facial features, and hair texture.

When were moccasins first made?

The moccasins were made when the Indians were around.

What is one example of how the Oneida people adapted to their environment?

They used bear skin for rugs, moccasins, and rugs, like the Inuit used poler bear fur for clothes, rugs, and moccasins.