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Roman Catholic

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Q: What religion was Pierre Charles L 'Enfant?
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Who designed the capital city?

it is Pierre L' eNFANT

What was the role of Pierre L' Enfant in the capital city?

He designed it

What was the role of Pierre L enfant in the capital city?

What was the role of Pierre L'enfant in the capital city

Why was Pierre l enfant buried in Arlington?

Pierre Charles L'Enfant was the chief designer of the layout of he city of Washington DC. As such, the US capitol city is presently very much his vision. His grave now overlooks that city.

What has the author Pierre Van der Meulen written?

Pierre Van der Meulen has written: 'L' enfant du bois Plauquet'

Who was Pierre l enfant?

Pierre "Peter" Charles L'Enfant (August 9, 1754 -- June 14, 1825) was a French-born American architect and civil engineer best known for designing the layout of the streets of Washington DC, the L'Enfant Plan.

Who chose the location of the White House?

The person who chose the location of the White House was Pierre L' Enfant and George Washington.

Was Pierre Charles L'Enfant in occult?

He was a military engineer and an architect, a specialist also in Maps. He was the principal architect of what is now known as Washington, DC. It is not known if he became a naturalized citizen. In some circles, his name was mis-spelled Longfont which suggests something to do with Printing. the name Charles L"enfant means Charles Child, Child here being a last name. As is obvious from the prenames, he was a Frenchman.

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What has the author Guy Falardeau written?

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When was Pierre L. J. Vincent born?

Pierre L. J. Vincent was born in 1964.

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