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Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are the answers

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Q: What religions make mandalas?
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From what cultures did mandalas originate?

In the Hindu and Buddhist religions

What cultures use mandalas?

Mandalas are used by people all over the world and are not restricted to particular cultures. It is more a belief system than a cultural system. They are however most often found in areas where eastern religions are practiced.

Who uses the mandala?

Mandalas have been used by various cultures and religions for spiritual, meditative, and therapeutic purposes. In particular, they are prominent in Hinduism and Buddhism as sacred symbols representing the universe and the cycle of life. In modern times, mandalas are also used in art therapy as a tool for promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

When were mandalas first made?

mandalas had first appeared in 1500 bc to 2000 bc

How are native American mandalas similar to Buddhist mandalas?

both names begin with M

Where are mandalas found?

A lot of Mandalas are found in India and are made by Hindu and Buddhist people.

How old are mandalas?

Mandalas have been used in various cultures for centuries, with origins traced back to Hinduism and Buddhism in the 4th century and possibly earlier. The exact age of mandalas can vary depending on the specific cultural context in which they are used.

Where were mandalas made?


Who makes mandalas?

people do

What tribe makes mandalas?


Where did mandalas come from?

from the far east

Why are mandalas important?

Mandalas are important as spiritual and ritual symbols representing the universe, unity, and harmony. They are used in meditation as a tool to focus the mind and promote relaxation. Mandalas can also convey personal meaning and serve as a form of self-expression and creativity.