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Nothing. Deal with it

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Well there are many limited resources but the most important are * Gas Well there are many limited resources but the most important are * Gas

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Q: What resources are the US lacking?
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What is the difference between poverty and scarcity?

poverty applies to people (lacking in wealth or lacking in the basic necessities to sustain life). scarity applies to resources. (lacking in amount or in supply) a person is impoverished. there can be a scarcity of food. a person is not scarcity. food is not impovershied.

Why did the US transport German POWs to America during World War 2 instead of keeping them in Europe?

Space and resources such as food and personnel to guard the prisoners was lacking in Europe. On the other hand, German POWs in the US provided useful labor such as picking crops and erecting buildings.

What are five natural resources of US?

Coal and oil are some natural resources of the US.

What is the definition of penury?

Absence of resources; want; privation; indigence; extreme poverty; destitution., Penuriousness; miserliness.

What are resources that the earth provdes for us called?

Natural resources.

How do we get resources?

We get resources by the nature. Nature gives us the resource

What is the resources of US?


Can we harvest resources in an environmental friendly way?

Human beings have the skills and knowledge to harvest resources in an environmentally friendly manner. The only thing that is lacking is empowerment and vigorous campaigns aimed at creating awareness on the importance of conserving the environment.

What resources were most needed in France during World War 2?

France would probably have needed similar resources during World War II that the other countries did. Common resources include things such as food, water, metals, plastics, oil, and coal. There is no reason to believe that France was lacking in resources during WWII

What 3 resources are limited to us?

The 3 resources that are limited to us are time, space, and everyones favorite, money.

Is the US or Mexico richer in natural resources?

It depends: the US is much richer in some resources and Mexico in others.

Who uses US resources?

Thaat would depend on which resources you are asking about.