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The Espionage Act of 1917.

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Q: What restricted free speech and allowed the government to arrest war opponents?
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Are Cops allowed to use mk 23?

yes they are allowed to use it because if the didnt it would be a struggle for the police to arrest them. and in the UK they are allowed to use it if the crinamal is resisting arrest and being voilent.

Can an employer find out about your arrest?

Yes, they are legally allowed to.

What does house arrest mean?

House arrest is like being in jail only you are at your own home and not allowed to leave it.

Does the US Constitution prohibit the arrest and detention of political opponents without filing charges or holding a trial?

There is no provision in the US Constitution, however the Homeland Security Act and The Patriot Act permit the arrest and indefinate detention with the suspension of Maranda Rights for those accused of terrorism, and terrorists by definition are political opponents.

Is the police officer allowed to have his personal possessions in the back of the cruiser when you get arrested?

The whereabouts of a police officer's personal possessions has no bearing on the arrest. What he is, or isn't, allowed to do with his own items will not affect the validity of the arrest.

Did lincoln arrest southern sympathizers?

Lincoln did arrest the southern sympathizers by suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. This allowed the solider to arrest someone and detain them without just cause.

Why was Steve biko in prison?

Steve Biko was arrested by the South African government for his anti-apartheid activism and leadership in the Black Consciousness Movement. He was detained without trial under the Terrorism Act, which allowed the government to arrest and hold individuals indefinitely without formal charges.

Was Rosa allowed on the bus after her arrest?

know because she had to give up her sit for the whit people

Which act restricted the freedom of speech by authorizing the arrest of anyone who made false statements that might impede military success?

The Sedition Act of 1918 restricted freedom of speech by authorizing the arrest of individuals who made false statements that could impede military success during World War I. This act aimed to prevent dissent and maintain morale during wartime.

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You would not be disqualified just for being on house arrest. Most people on house arrest are not confined all the time to their house. A schedule can be entered so they may seek employment or be allowed to work if they have a job.

Can you get married while on parole?

hiya you cant get married in house arrest because you are not allowed out and no one exept police are allowed in sorry love chatterbox rhi x

Laws that were used to arrest people who disagreed with the federal government?

The Alien and Sedition Acts