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The Connecticut River begins in New Hampshire. The river is about 410 miles long and actually travels through three other states.

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Q: What river begins in New Hampshire but is named for another state?
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What river begans in New Hampshire but is named for another state?

Connecticut River

Where in New Hampshire is the Merrimack river located?

The Merrimack River begins in Franklin, New Hampshire and flows south into Massachusetts, then it turns northeast and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Newburyport.

What was the origin of name for the USS Merrimack?

The USS Merrimack was named after a river in New Hampshire. The river runs past the historic city of Concorde.

What river creates Georgia's eastern boundary and is the only river in Georgia that begins in another state?

Japan river

What river begins and ends in Nevada?

i think its the river that doesn't ever join with another body of water.

Source of rivers?

Where a river begins is its source. It could begin at a mountain lake or as a branch of another river.

Is there a river called after belfast?

No but there is a river named Mario and another river called Isabellayes, the Belfast Lough

Which us river systems deposit soil on floodplains?

th New Hampshire river

Which direction does the scioto river flow?

The Scioto River flows south through much of the state of Ohio. It begins near the town of New Hampshire, OH and empties into the Ohio River near the city of Portsmouth, OH which is a distance of about 231 miles.

What river in Pakistan begins with the lettter I?

The Indus River is the major river of Pakistan that begins with an I.

What is the name of a river that begins with letter i?

A river that begins with I is the Illinois River in Illinois USA.

Which river forms the boundary between New Hampshire and Vermont?

The Connecticut river forms the boundary between New Hampshire and Vermont. This river has two main tributaries and is about 410 miles in length.