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Delaware River
That would be the Delaware River. George Washington crossed this river on Christmas Day, 1776 with 2400 men to attack the hung over Hessian troops, led by the British. Smart man attacking them while they are drunk out of their minds...

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Q: What river separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey?
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What separates New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

The natural boundary that separates New Jersy from Pennsylvania is the Delaware river

River between New Jersey and Penssylvania?

The river that separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey is the Delaware River. It also separates Pennsylvania and New York before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

What rivers as the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

The Hudson River separates New Jersey from New York City.

What river separates Manhattan and New Jersey?

The Hudson River

What separates New York and New Jersey?

The Hudson River.

Is Pennsylvania east or west?

Pennsylvania is in the eastern part of the United States. It is east of the Mississippi River.

Does the Delaware River pass through Pennsylvania?

The Delaware River is boundary river between Pennsylvania and New Jersey&New York.

What is the bordered of New Jersey?

The border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the Delaware River.

What river forms the eastern border of PA?

The Delaware River separates Pennsylvania from New York and from Delaware, and also from New Jersey - George Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve, 1776, to fight the Battle of Trenton.

What are borders to Pennsylvania in the east?

The Delaware River forms Pennsylvania's eastern border. Across the river are New Jersey and New York

Is New Jersey a western state?

The border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the Delaware River.

What are the main rivers lakes and mountains of New Jersey?

The Deleware River marks the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.