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National Road

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Q: What road was funded by the federal government that connected the east with the West?
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What were East and West Germany's government?

West Germany's government was the Federal Republic.

How the federal government asserted its power in the West?

the Federal Government asserted the power in the west by using force to stop the Whisky Rebellion.

Is West Germany republican or democratic?

Government: Federal Parliamentary republic

Why did the federal government begin building the national road?

The government wanted to help the pioneers travel west.

What did the federal government do to entice people to move west?

The theory of Manifest Destiny.

What type of government does Germany have and why?

It has a federal parliamentary government. This government was chosen under the direction of West Germany's occupiers, France, England and the USA.

The area of the country in which the federal government has done the most to aid economic and social development is?

the West

Does Germany have a federal government?

Yes, Germany has a federal government. In fact, the official name of Germany is Bundesrepublik Deutschland, which means Federal Republic of Germany. When East and West Germany reunified after the fall of the Berlin Wall, officially what happened was the Federal Republic admitted six new states (the six states of the former East Germany) into the Federal Republic that had previously been only West Germany.

Which act allowed the federal government to pay native Americans to move west?

Indian removal act

Why did federal government sell land in the northwest territory?

to raise money and extend society west ward

Which act allowed federal government to pay native Americans to move west?

Indian removal act

Why did the federal government send General Sherman to investigate West Texas?

Because their peaceful policies in Texas were questioned.