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i do not no this word

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Q: What role did horemheb hold in administration?
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Who is horemheb?

he was an Egyptian

What is the role of administration?

you ask me

When did Horemheb die?

1315 BC

Who were Tutankhamen friends?

Ay and Horemheb

Was horemheb a pharaoh or a general?


How did Horemheb die?

old age

When was the Egyptian pharaoh Horemheb born?

Horemheb was the last Pharoah of the 18th dynasty from either 1319 or 1316 BC to 1292 BC/

Role of statistics in business management and administration?


What was the role of the federal administration?

To insure home loans

What was Henry kissinger role in Nixon administration?

he is his adviser

Did horemheb conquer all of Egypt?

i don' t know

What is the evolution of development administration in the Philippines?

views on the role of the Philippines and other countries in the light of development administration