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The Progressive Era was a period time from the 1890's to the 1920's. It was a period of great political reform and social activism when religious morality helped to promote the idea of community and solidarity.

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Q: What role did religion play in the Progressive Era?
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What role did journalist play in the progressive movement?

their sensational stories increased awareness of the problems afflicting America

What was the long-term impact of the progressive era on american life?

The Progressive Era was an age of reform. Its effects touched all Americans and changed the role of government in American society.

What is Romeo's religion in romeo and Juliet?

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What was the lasting environmental legacy from the progressive era?

to expand the federal governments's role in managing natural resources.

Are we in a progressive era today?

We are emerging into a progressive era with Obama's second term.

How did the role of government change during the progressive era?

How did the roar of the national government change during the war

From your reading about the Progressive Era what role can the media play in relation to social political and economic issues?

In the Progressive Era, the media had played a new role in revealing the corruption, problems, and excesses of society, especially through yellow journalism and muck-racking. One could infer, if they believe the type of media was effective then, that the modern media could become more involved in trying to highlight and alleviate socio-political and -economic issues.

What was a lasting environmental legacy from progressive era?

To expand the federal government's role in managing natural resources.

What era started after the Industrial Revolution?

Progressive Era

What were the Similarities between the new deal and the progressive era?

The New Deal and Progressive Era both were in the same time. But the actual similarity is that the New Deal was the first part of Roosevelt's Progressive Era plan.

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it contained people