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the narrator is the person (or animal) that is telling the story. The author writes the story, but the story is told by the narrator.

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Q: What role does the narrator have?
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Narrator for band of brothers?

Actor Damian Lewis in the role of Major Richard "Dick" Winters is the narrator.

Who is the narrator for the first 48?

The narrator for "The First 48" was Sherry Stringfield, an American actress known for her role in the television series "ER."

What role does the senator play in Top of the Food Chain?

He is the narrator's audience.

Was Kevin Spacey in American Beauty?

Yes. Lead role. (not to mention narrator)

Who was the narrator in the opening segment of the movie 'Portrait of Jennie'?

The narrator in the opening segment of Portrait of Jennie is uncredited. The narrator that takes over after the initial segment is Joseph Cotten in the role of Eben Adams.

Is it true that the narrator can be a protagonist or antagonist?

Yes, a narrator can be a protagonist, antagonist, or a neutral observer in a story. The role of the narrator is to tell the story, and their perspective can greatly influence how the readers perceive the characters and events in the narrative.

What is the Narrator's main role in The Monsters are Due on Maple Street?

well, I don't know

What was Alex Cord's role in the 1971 movie 'The Tell-Tale Heart'?

The murderer (narrator)

Who are the characters in the poem how I learned English?

The characters in the poem "How I Learned English" are the narrator, the narrator's siblings, and the English language teacher. The narrator's siblings play a role in the story by translating for the parents, and the English language teacher helps the narrator improve their English skills.

With regards to theme what role do plot and narrator play in literature?

Narrator is someone telling to story from third person and plot sets the problem or conflict in the story

Which statement is true about nonfiction A it is told by an omniscient narrator B the narrator inserts their presence into the story C the narrator presents a true story?

C. The narrator presents a true story. Nonfiction is based on real events and facts, so the narrator's role is to accurately present the information without inserting their presence into the story.

What word means a narrator is involved?

By definition a narrator tells the story, this doesn't preclude them from being involved in the story, but generally their primary role is to tell the story of others.