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list of some social


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Q: What role should government play in solving social problems?
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What kind of problems did proressives attempt to solve?

The progressives attempted to solve many problems. The attempt on solving these problems was done through government action to provide political, economic, and social, reform.

What did progressives think needed to play a more acive role in solving society's problems?

Progressives believed that the government needed to play a more active role in solving society's problems, particularly in regulating big business, improving working conditions, and addressing social issues such as poverty and inequality. They advocated for reforms that would expand the government's role to protect citizens and promote social welfare.

What are the main ideas of the Social Gospel?

It was a Christian Movement that focused on solving social problems.

An early twentieth-century professional woman committed to solving the social problems of American society was?


What do you think can social sciences contribute in solving these specific problem?

We don't have the problems that you ask about, so we can't answer.

Which ideology opposes increasing government programs to solve social problems?

Conservatism is opposed to increased government programs to solve social problems; I could also mention libertarianism which is even more opposed to government involvement in social problems than conservatism is.

Should religions have a role to play in solving social problems?

Yes, religions can play a role in solving social problems by promoting values like compassion, empathy, and justice. They can inspire individuals and communities to work towards addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination. However, it is important that this involvement is inclusive, respectful of diverse beliefs, and does not impose views on others.

What has the author Patrick Shannon written?

Patrick Shannon has written: 'Solving social problems' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social service, Social workers 'Social policy' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social policy

What has the author Charles Mutyasira written?

Charles Mutyasira has written: 'African renaissance' -- subject(s): Church and social problems, Politics and government, Race relations, Social conditions, Social problems

Which ideology supports the expansion of government programs to solve social problems?


What has the author William E Dunwiddie written?

William E. Dunwiddie has written: 'Problems of democracy: political, social, economic' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Politics and government, Social conditions 'Problems of democracy' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Politics and government, Social conditions

A person who believes that gradual change represents progress and who feels that the government should play a role in addressing social problems would be considered?

Answer this question… a liberal.