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No, but changes to society and current trends in state courts and legislatures are often considered, and these may reflect the will of the people. Public opinion is not a direct factor in deciding cases.

The Constitution attempted to insulate justices from populist pressures through (pseudo) non-partisanship and lifetime appointment. Supreme Court decisions are supposed to respect the rule of law, and constitutional interpretation, not popular sentiment.

The justices don't publicly discuss cases at bar until they release their decision, and they never hold press conferences, so their exposure to the public is deliberately limited.

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Absolutely none.

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Q: What role should public opinion play in the supreme court in deciding a controversial case?
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If the reference is to the Supreme Court being influenced by public opinion then technically the answer is no because the Supreme Court passes judgment based on law. If the reference is to lower courts, then the answer is yes because jury by trial is based upon public opinion.

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The Supreme Court is insulated from public opinion to enhance their ability to make decisions based on law and the constitution without pressure from political parties or special interest groups.Specific answers to the other parts of your question are covered in detail in the Related Questions, below.

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