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I really dont know. i think it is that they may work together to approve a bill.

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Q: What roles do both houses of Congress play in the introduction pf a new bill?
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What roles do both houses of congress play in the introduction of a new bill?

When a new bill is to be passed, both the parties of the congress are made to vote. If the number of votes are high, the bill is passed.

When a bill passes in both houses of Congress to whom is the bill sent for final approval?

After a bill passes both Houses of Congress it goes to the President for the final signature.

Where do bill go if both houses of congress approve the bill?

The president

How can congress pass a bill over a presidential veto?

Congress can pass a vetoed bill with a two-thirds majority vote in both houses.

What term refers to a bill that both houses of Congress have passed?

It is an act

When can a bill be sent to president for approval?

After it passes both houses of congress.

How does a bill become a law in both houses of congress?

If both houses of Congress pass the bill, it is sent to the President. If the president signs it, is becomes the law. If the President does not sign it, or actively vetoes it, it goes back to Congress. If it is passed by both houses of Congress again, it automatically becomes law, although override of a President's veto is realtively uncommon.

If both houses of congress approve a bill and send it to the president for her signature what can the president do to reject that bill?

Veto it.

What houses have to pass a bill?

The Senate and the House of Representatives, together called the Congress.

What happens after both houses of congress approve a bill by a majority vote?

The Bill is then sent to the president for his signature or veto.

What checks does the president do on the congress?

the president can veto any bill passed by congress, which requires 2/3 of both houses to override

When congress still makes a law when the president has rejected a bill?

This is called overriding the president's veto. An override requires that 2/3 of both houses of Congress vote for the bill.