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a school

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Q: What school did Margaret Corbin go to?
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Who was Margaret corbin married to?

Margaret Cochran Corbin was married to John Corbin.

Was margaret corbin a patriot?

Margaret Corbin is a patriot.

Did Margret Corbin go to grade school?

Did Margret Corbin go to grade school and if yes were did she go.

What year was Margaret Corbin born?

Margaret Corbin was born in 1751

What was Margaret Corbin's job?

Margaret Corbin was in the Revolutionary War. She was in it with her husband John Corbin. she died on January 16,1600 westchester new york, US.

When did Margaret Corbin marry John Corbin?

at the age of 21

What quote did Margaret corbin say?

what quote did margaret corbin say

How was Margaret Corbin injured?

If youher, you will get the answer.

When was Margaret Cochran Corbin born?

Margaret corbin was born November 12, 1751 near chambersburg, Pennsylvania. hopes this helps

When did Margaret Corbin get married?

age 21

Who was Margaret corbin's uncle?

That will be forever unknown

Was Margaret Corbin rich or poor?

she was poor