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Whakatane high school and Tauranga Boys College

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Q: What schools did Prince Tui Teka attend?
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When was Prince Tui Teka born?

Prince Tui Teka was born in August 1937, in Ruatahuna, New Zealand.

Did prince tui teka have a a wife?

yes her name is Missy

Where was prince tui teka buried?

ruatahuna i thiink?? not sure

Who is the prominent New Zealand musician?

Prince Tui Teka is a prominent musician from New Zealand.

Name of Prince Tui Teka's daughter?

Davina and Missy Jr.Wife name is Missy.

What iwi did tui teka belonged to?


What movie and television projects has Prince Tui Teka been in?

Prince Tui Teka has: Played Thompson in "Jack Holborn" in 1982. Played King of Ponape in "Nate and Hayes" in 1983. Played Saxophonist in "Came a Hot Friday" in 1985. Played Postmaster in "The Silent One" in 1985. Played himself in "Happy Birthday 2 You" in 2000.

When did prince tui teka die?

in the early 80s

Did tui teka have children?

Hw old arevtui tekas daughters

How old was prince tui teka when he died?

the Prince was 47 when he died while in tour in Ruawai Northland in 1985. His wife Missy died in a car accident just sth of Auckland back in 2007 or 8.

What is the name of a New Zealand maori singer?

Kiri Te Kanawa (Opera) Hinewehi Mohi (Maori language only) Prince Tui Teka & Howard Morrison (both famous entertainers)

Who were the leading new zealand male vocalists in the 1960's and 1970's?

Shane, Bunny Walters, Prince Tui Teka, Eddie Low, Howard Morrison, Graham Brazier, Peter Urlich,