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yosegi-zukuri (joined wood) made from gilded wood carved with wood leaf

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gilded wood carved with wood leaf (joined wood)

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Q: What sculptural method was used in mading amida nyorai?
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What sculptural method was used for making the Amida Nyorai?

All methods were different

What sculptural method was used for making the Amida Nyorai by Jocho?

The Yosegi Technique using wood.

What is the size of jochos amida nyorai?

9 Feet

What is Jocho's Amida nyorai sitting on and what does this signify?

Jocho's Amida Nyorai is sitting on an intricate lotus pedestal, which symbolizes purity and enlightenment in Buddhism. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters but blooms above the surface, representing the journey from darkness to enlightenment. Amida Nyorai's posture and the lotus pedestal convey his transcendence above the imperfect world.

How long has Amida Nyorai been at present location?

956 yrs since 1053 11th century

What does the figure in Amida Nyorai wear?

A monk's robe, a single length of the clothe that drapes over the left shoulder.

What do the hand positions of the Amida Nyorai mean?

His hands form the gesture of Meditation and balance, which symbolizes the path towards enlightenment.

Where is Jocho's Amida Nyorai located and for how long?

The Amida Nyora is displayed in Phoenix Hall in Kyoto, Japan. It was created by Jocho Busshi and is a Buddhist statue. The form and expression on the statue established a direct and intimate relationship between the worshiper and the Buddha.

When did Acacius of Amida die?

Acacius of Amida died in 425.

When did Siege of Amida happen?

Siege of Amida happened in 359.

How would a samurai prove its devotion to amida buddha?

A samurai could prove its devotion to Amida Buddha by regularly reciting his name in a practice known as the Nembutsu, studying Amida Buddha's teachings, making offerings at temples dedicated to Amida, and performing acts of kindness and compassion in alignment with Amida's virtues.

What are the ratings and certificates for Amida-do dayori - 2002?

Amida-do dayori - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG