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It doesn't because vice president Hendricks was in a different political party than the president at thay time.

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Q: What section of the Constitution says the president and vice president must be of the same political party?
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The job the president fills that is not described in the constitution is?

political party leader

Is the president's job as head of his political party mentioned in the constitution?

No. There is no mention of political parties in the Us Constitution. They did not exist in the US when the Constitution was written and I don't think most of the framers even thought about the possibility of their formation.

Which role of the president is considered part of the unwritten constitution?

There is no unwritten constitution, especially in the United States. However, some believe the origination of a two-party country existed after the constitution was drafted.

. According to the Constitution elects the President.?

According to the Constitution the President of the United States is elected based on the votes cast from each state. Each political party chooses their own candidate to represent them.

What political party was not liked by the constitution?

The constitution was created before political parties were, so neither

What is the president to a political party?

He/she is the head of the party.

Which US political party supports marijuana legalization?

supposedly democrats. although look at the president we have now, didn't keep any of his promises. also, the libertarian party.

Do the president and vice president of the US of different political party can serve at the same time?

No, they have to be of the same political party.

Are Political parties established by the Constitution?

No, the party system is not mentioned in the Constitution.

President's political power is?

to be head of the political party

What president outlawed political parties?

Nobody outlawed political parties in the US. The framers of the Constitution did not anticipate their formation and Washington did not like them. Congress outlawed the American Communist Party while Eisenhower was President.

Which of the six basic principles of the Constitution can be diluted when the President and a majority of the members of Congress are of the same political party?

When the President and the majority of Congress are of the same political party, the principle of separation of powers becomes diluted. It begins to defeat the purpose of the checks and balances system.