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According to experts, section 1 in Article II of the Constitution outlines the executive powers of the President. In addition, this section explains how long the President shall serve along with the Vice President.

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Q: What section of the constitution outlines the presidents power?
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What document sets the limit on the presidents power?

The Constitution.

Which part of the U.S constitution outlines congress power?

separation of powers. this gives each branch its power.

Which actions represent a president the basic outlines of executive power as described in the constitution?

giving a State of the Union Address

What power did the constitution give congress over the presidents veto?

Congressional Override

What does the presidents appointment power come from?

It is in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section2, Clause 2.

What Presidential hat does Gerald Ford granting Nixon a full pardon of any crimes fall under?

The Presidents' power of pardon is provided for in Article II, Section 2 of the US Constitution.

Where in the constitution is the veto power described?

Article I section 7

What is the you U.S. constitution that maintains a republican system of government through the..?

Presidents power to veto

What statement is a reason the anti federalists opposed the constitution?

The Constitution outlines a strong central federal government, while Anti-Federalists preferred more power at the state level.

Which section of the constitution defines the power and role of congress?

Article one

The change in the twentieth century that meant a substantial increase in presidential power was?

amending the constitution to grant presidents more war power.

Section of the constitution that names power of constitution?

The concept of Separation of Powers is embodied in the Constitution in the 1st Article, in the 2nd Article, and in the 3rd Article.