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The law of probability.

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Q: What serves as the basis for both the principle of maximum parsimony and the principle that shared complexity indicates homology rather than analogy?
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What is Primary homology?

proposed hypothesis of homology based on similarity.

Where are molecular homology found?

Homology is frequently found in organic chemistry.

Is the humerus bone of the bird and bat an example of analogy or homology?


Is having the same name as others considered more homology or analogy?


What are types of evidence used to Classify organisms in systematic?

Physical homology, Genetic homology, and Ecological niche

Homology is evidence of what?


How do you distinguish between a homology and a analogy?

Homology- Evolved from a common ancestor Analogous- 2 similar structures that evolved differently

What has the author James W Vick written?

James W. Vick has written: 'Homology theory' -- subject(s): Homology theory

What has the author Renzo A Piccinini written?

Renzo A. Piccinini has written: 'CW-complexes, homology theory' -- subject(s): Complexes, Homology theory

What has the author Hans Delfs written?

Hans Delfs has written: 'Homology of locally semialgebraic spaces' -- subject(s): Algebraic spaces, Homology theory

What term refers to similarity of structure in the overall design of organisms?


Are the molecular formulas for each of the amino acids the same?

No, in fact people used to think that structural homology was proof for evolution but if you look at the chemistry of two animals with the same structural homology they will be way different