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It is called the Oval Office because of its oval shape.

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The office is an oval shape.

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Q: What shape is the office of the US president?
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What is the name of the US President's official ROOM?

His office in the White House is known as the Oval Office due to its shape.

What president shaped the office of the presidency?

The office is an oval shape.

How did George Washington shape the office of president?

I don no!

Can a former US president run for office of VP of US?

Yes a former US President can run for office of Vice President of the United States. A former US President can run and be elected for any other type of office.

Who manages most of the US government?

Executive office of the president

What shape did George Washington want the president's office to be?


What year was the first president in office?

The first US president took office in 1789.

How many term can a president serve in a office?

The US constitution limits a US president to serving two terms in office.

Who holds the highest office in the US government?

The President of the United States holds the highest office in the US government

What is the highest office in the us?


What if a us president dies in office?

The Vice President Will step In

Who takes office when a us president is impeached?

Nobody. A president continues to serve in office when he is impeached. If he is convicted and removed from office, the vice-president becomes president, same as if the president were to die.